Unpacking the pandemic

Vaccine Facts, Coach Covid • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ministry of Health

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, so did a wave of unprecedented (sorry, we had to) demand for the complex world of science to be explained in a way anyone could understand.

In its unique position at the bottom of the world, Aotearoa was faced with an extra-unique challenge in the global fight against the pandemic. With no land borders and a long-standing commitment to the elimination of Covid-19, the country needed a unique way to understand its vaccine rollout method and the advanced science behind it.

We assembled our team of strategists, illustrators, animators and copywriters to develop a uniquely Kiwi ‘Vaccine Facts’ series that used characters to unpack how vaccines work and would be rolled out across the motu. As the state of the pandemic changed in Aotearoa, so did the challenges of what we needed to communicate, and through this, Coach Covid traffic light system was born. This project covered the fraught and often challenging topics of mRNA development, the science of immunity and vaccine hesitancy, amounting in over 30 executions across multiple media channels.


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