We exist at the intersection of technology, content and culture.

That's where we find our magic, looking at problems from all angles and custom building the solution. And we don't claim to know it all. When we tackle a new challenge or define our insights, we tap into an established network of experts, journalists, data scientists and academics to ensure our ideas are grounded in authenticity and integrity.

With their invaluable input, including that of our partners, we deliver complex knowledge with refreshing simplicity.


Our services can be threaded together as an end-to-end offering, or broken into an individual project, tailored around the specific needs of our partners.

Technology shifts

As technology rapidly evolves and shifts, our experienced innovation team pivot to support the changing digital needs of our partners.

We support start-up founders looking to build a presence and to scale, all the way through to enterprises looking to extend their capabilities with highly tailored solutions.

User journey mapping
UX / UI Design
Lottie animations
Webflow development
Product design
AI technology

Full-stack development
Back-end architecture
API integrations
Stripe integration
Quality assurance  
Support services

Culture shifts

With constantly shifting audience needs and obsessions, our award-winning creative team focus deeply on the stories we tell and the way we tell them, ensuring we capture attention and deliver impactful behaviour change as a result.

We work with clients who want to push boundaries, build distinctive brands and have meaningful conversations with their audiences.

We also work extensively with researchers, academics and journalists to bring insights to life in new ways which educate and inform communities.

Campaign development
Editorial brand partnerships
Behaviour change campaigns
Brand identity development

Audience research
Insight definition
Communications strategy
Content strategy

Content shifts

In a forever changing content landscape, our team are experts at storytelling in traditional media, as well as emerging digital, social and AI-led channels. We bring ideas to life through mediums that reach audiences effectively, producing nimble, highly-crafted content for owned and paid activity.

3D graphics

Motion graphics

Solving complex problems

Born in a newsroom, Daylight was incubated within 
The Spinoff, one of Aotearoa’s most innovative media platforms. This grounding established a unique approach to the way we work and tackle complex problems with our partners.

We are anchored by an established network of writers, journalists, data scientists, and academics. Our storytelling is built on insights direct from experts, enabling us to tackle complex challenges with authenticity and integrity.

Insights and knowledge gained from experts in these fields filter through into our creative briefs, idea development and the final delivery of our digital products and campaigns.

Sectors we specialise in


Breaking down complex and vital health topics by making information accessible to all individuals and communities.


Tackling the challenges of the climate crisis by informing and empowering audiences about our changing environment.


Building behaviour changing digital products that help users navigate services and systems around them.

News and Media

Servicing the needs of publishing platforms by building distinctive brands and bespoke digital platforms that reach diverse audiences.


Democratising financial information by making it digitally and socially accessible, to improve financial literacy within communities.

Community Engagement

Helping brands and organisations build community awareness around social issues such as inequality, unconscious bias and misinformation.
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