Limelight Sessions: Vol 2.

What caught our eye on the internet recently

Gen Z say Instagram is humiliating

As a potential (and likely) US TikTok ban is looming, Gen Zers are saying they’d rather take a chance on a new app than face the “humiliation” of posting TikTok content on Instagram. Many claiming that Instagram is cringe, and too polished.

Business Insider

Find me tearing up the comments

Companies like Duolingo are flooding the comments section of TikTok proving that other people’s content is almost as valuable as their own channels. Hilarious, honest and sometimes pretty savage, Duolingo is one of the OGs proving that the comments section is the place to be.

Ad Age

Let the AI agents lead the way

Google announces AI agents. What does that mean? Soon you won’t even have to explore the internet yourself. An integration that makes navigating a website and completing a task online not only more efficient but more personalised. Sure, chatbots offer answers, but agents get stuff done. OK, here we go!


Ring a doorbell for a fish

Why not watch a live camera at the bottom of a boat lock in the Netherlands? Ring a doorbell when you see a fish appear. Once enough fish are waiting the lock will be opened and the fish can migrate and find a place to spawn. Wholesome!

An icon receives a reboot

Introduced with a “mid-life crisis” is a (v nicely designed) project chronicling someone’s mission to restore an iconic 80s classic - the Macintosh computer. Complete with loading wheel of death, can they complete their mission?

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