Limelight Sessions: Vol 3.

Here's what caught our eye on the internet this week.

Instagram is about to force us all to watch ads

Meta has confirmed that it's testing un-skippable ads on Instagram, similar to Youtube's free version. These new ad breaks come with a countdown timer, meaning you can't skip the ad and must watch it in full before continuing your content. The big question is: are we willing to sit through it? 

Tech Crunch

Pick your path comes to streaming

A new streaming platform is on the horizon, inviting users to create their own content. With a vision to become the "Netflix of AI", Showrunner allows you to shape the story with just a few prompts.

The Hollywood Reporter

Step into the world of 1999

Remember Paint? Remember hours spent on MSN? Ah, the good old days. is an interactive site dedicated to the nostalgia of the 90s. Stay a while, explore and enjoy the memories of Windows 98.

We wanna be friends with Daytona Mess

On the topic of 90s nostaligia, if French typography student,Anne-Dauphine Borione (AKA Daytona Mess, AKA Ando) is as cool as her messy desktop website and her fantasy-fuelled typefaces, we wanna friends.

Daytona Mess

Leave art to the artists? 

Cara is a new social app that artists and AI-skeptics are flocking to. The platform uses a technology that prevents the training of generative AI models and detects AI-generated work making it a space to celebrate the unique work of artists.


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