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The AI buzz gets noisy at times but I’m still captivated by these innovations shaping our world. From the exhilarating to the unnerving, developments in AI are transforming our lives in crazy and profound ways. I’ve put together a list of my AI highlights this week. Each scored out of 5 on my coolness scale. So kick back, and get your Friday fix of the good, the bad, and the downright fascinating in AI. 

Jump ahead on YouTube

YouTube Premium members are able to test out a new ‘jump ahead’ function that allows viewers to skip through the video using AI and watch data to identify the next best part. 

I’m into it and curious to see how this might change how content creators deliver content. Will they deliver longer videos but break them into small segments? Let’s wait and see.

Let's see - 3 stars

9-5 Google 

Art unsupervised

Artist Refik Anadol - self described a data painter and sculptor is one of the leading artists working with artificial intelligence. His 2022 work “Unsupervised” used an algorithm to process the MoMA’s catalogue of modern and postmodern art to create its own unique works leaving viewers to reflect on what it means for machine’s to interpret and create art.

I love how Refik embraces AI as a collaborative tool and celebrates its tendency to hallucinate and in turn breathe life into his digital works.  

Kind of love it - 4 stars


AI search is coming

Breaking news! OpenAI is building a search engine. Up to the minute information will be available as Chat-GPT browses the internet on your behalf. Google also has a similar product called Google SGE still in their lab and not open to the public yet.

Google has had monopoly for EVER. If OpenAI can steal some market share off them then Google will have to make their search experience better  - this means less focus on selling ads.

Stay tuned - 5 stars

The Neuron Daily

Fakes at The Met 

Photos of Katy Perry and several celebrities at the Met Gala circled the internet earlier this week. But, they weren’t even there.👻 A reminder we can’t believe everything we see online

Freaky - 2 stars 

Tech Crunch

Speaking of fakes… How do we protect provenance? 

OpenAI joins the Steering Committee of C2PA - the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity. What does that mean? Basically, OpenAI is going to be putting tools in place to help people identify whether the content they see - be it images, audio or video - is created by their tools. 

Good on ya 5 stars

Open AI 

Trump’s AI activist 

Brad Parscale, the man behind Trump’s shock 2016 win, (“I pretty much used Facebook to get Trump elected”) embraces AI to help conservatives with their political campaigns with his platform Nucleus. Scary.

Eeek! - 0 stars

AP News

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