The world can’t wait

The global COVID-19 pandemic response • World Health Organization

We all know how this story starts: with a virus particle and the whole world changing as we know it. What came after? An unfathomable amount of science the whole world needed to not only hear about, but understand and adjust their behaviour in response to. In 2020 we were approached by the World Health Organization as COVID-19 was ravaging the world to help them explain urgent and essential information as it changed by the minute.

Our ideas had to be human and simple and often translated into a multitude of languages and formats to fit the changing face of the pandemic. We developed a system working with some of the best science writers and experts around to distil complex microbiology and data mapping to produce hundreds of pieces of content that would be uploaded to the world stage.

Our work during this time has gone on to be used by the United Nations, international governments, global not-for-profit organisations and world leaders (to name a few).


Insight gathering

Communications strategy

Social creative

Film + photography production

Animation + motion graphics

Illustration + data visualisations

Editorial copywriting

“We’ve been so impressed by Daylight’s ability to distil complex science ideas and make them engaging and understandable. It’s been fantastic to see the team grow yet retain authenticity, a keen focus on customer service, professionalism and flexibility”

Diane Abad-Vergara,
Communications Officer,
World Health Organization