Riding the waves of the share market

Answered. Sharesies

Stock markets. They rise, they fall, but how do you know what to do about it? Following the uncertainty of the pandemic, hiking interest rates and skyrocketing costs of living, Sharesies needed to explain to its customers how to navigate these uncertain seas.

So we developed Answered. Sharesies’ first foray into video content, breaking down complex market jargon into a video format that hardly felt like learning at all. Inspired by the 80s computer graphic aesthetic, we crafted a mixed-media world for our financial analogies to come to life, using collage techniques and vector graphics to bring viewers through the complex journey of navigating their investing in turbulent times.

This film then broke down modularly into GIFs that could be used across social, owned and digital channels to reach audiences on the channels and in the content forms that they learn best. Got a financial question? We’ve got the answers.

“Daylight are 100% a team of good sorts! They’re caring, daring, and curious. They
really took the time to collaborate with us to understand our business and brief. They were able to digest some pretty complex financial info and turn it into a video that was both delightful and educational.”

Kanna Yamasaki,
Head of Content & Community