The thrill of the ride

Getting there can be as good as being there • GoSee

Adventures. We all want to go on one but the admin of organising them can sometimes steal the fun. Not with GoSee.

Webjet’s online rental car and camper aggregator GoSee matches customers' travel goals and vibes with the best deals on the market, in one seamless experience. How do we know? We designed it, of course.

From concept to completion, this was a technically complex platform that required a multitude of API feeds to pull in the best offers on price, style of car and value across the internet, all at once. To launch, our creative team developed GoSee’s ‘Getting there can be as good as being there’ platform, bringing epic road trip stories to life — but told in reverse. Seen across screens and billboards across both Aotearoa and the Tasman, this campaign is just the beginning.


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