Beautiful science

Public Health + Science Communications

Where do we start with this one? Actually, that was the way most kick-off meetings for all these projects started.

Off the back of Toby Morris’ break-out comics made in collaboration with microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles breaking down the science and effect of the pandemic, came a new niche for Daylight: taking complex, scientific information and making it so simple it was beautiful (and easy to understand).


Social creative

Illustration + data visualisation


Editorial copywriting

Animation + motion graphics

These projects were beefy, dense and important. We ran at the speed of light as the pandemic surged across the planet to deliver constant vaccine equity and explainer content for the World Health Organization. And that was just the start.

From there, we’ve developed a world-leading approach to humanising scientific topics, working with leading experts and distilling their knowledge into bite-sized, digestible pieces of content. From information and report design to animated film series and social collateral – this process flexes to fit all shapes and forms.

Our work has since been taken to global leaders’ summits at the United Nations, international governments all over the world, as well as here in Aotearoa working with the likes of GNS Science, the Ministry for the Environment, and the Mental Health Foundation.