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Level of Detail • Glorious

2022 saw seismic development in web3. And if you're an early adopter, these updates are new and exciting. But if you're not, this whole world of NFTs can leave you dumbfounded and confused.

And we’re all at different stages on this journey. So, we partnered with Glorious, Aotearoa's leading digital collectible marketplace, to develop level of detail. An explainer series that breaks down NFTs based on the viewer’s depth of interest in the complex world of web3. 

We then launched a supporting campaign to speak directly to the feelings of existentialism when trying to understand this world.

Featuring iconic masterpieces by van Gogh, Rembrandt and Degas, the series shows figures descending into all-consuming levels of despair. Starting with the originals, we
painstakingly reworked two additional frames, housed in an art history book inspired layout.

The campaign went live across print and OOH. Audiences were then directed to the Glorious website to watch a suite of explainer films, helping them truly understand the new era of art.

"Glorious works closely with Daylight on a breadth of projects, as time and time again they deliver inspiring and world-class creative ideas with a deep care and understanding. Daylight approaches each opportunity with a fresh perspective, drawing ideas from their diverse team of creative experts" Lizzie Smith, Head of Marketing, Glorious


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