Limelight Sessions: Vol 4.

Here's what caught our eye on the internet this week.

Remote workers are "mouse jiggling" so their employers don't catch them slacking off

Mouse jigglers - devices that help employees working from home maintain the illusion of constant activity. As bosses catch on, these tools highlight the unique challenges and adaptations within remote work culture and raises questions on the ethics of employee monitoring.

The Verge

A social app for AIs and humans to socialise

Image source: Butterflies

Former snap engineer launches Butterflies, a new social network where AI and humans coexist. Anyone can create an AI persona (called a Butterfly) that then goes on to make posts that humans and AIs can interact with.

Tech Crunch

Looking for a home for nearly 38,000 pens

Image source: Robyn Edie / Southland Times

Margaret Lemm from Gore, Aotearoa has a collection of close to 38,000 pens. Most never used, all filed alphabetically and many gifted to her. She’s on the hunt for the next pen enthusiast to take on her collection. Could it be you?


A Pride flag made of NASA images

Image source:

A NASA employee made a Pride flag from NASA imagery and it's very cool. It includes images of cloud vortices (white), an aurora (pink), a solar flare (light blue), Jupiter's North Temperate Belt (brown), an algal bloom (green), and more.

The Verge

Can you ever own an aesthetic?

What happens when a designer's aesthetic becomes the zeitgeist? Often they benefit as popularity rises and more work comes in, but it also means a whole lot of replication. Though the original creator's expertise ensure they maintain an esteemed niche, many brands are opting to engage copycats to cut costs. What does this mean for originality?

It's Nice That

Gen Z want jobs that solve the climate crisis

Considered the most climate-conscious generation, nearly two-thirds of Gen Z are looking for climate "green" jobs in the next five years. Despite this, only one in 20 actually has the relevant skills, like measuring carbon emissions, building solar, wind, and electric vehicle projects, reducing waste, or protecting water quality.

Business Insider

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